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Researcher and participant

Thank you for your interest in our research. We always have many exciting studies ongoing at our center. Below you will find information for each study. Or, if you are generally interested in any of our studies, please fill out the form below and we will contact you when you qualify for one of them.

Filling out this form just means you are expressing interest. It does not mean you have to sign up for the study. You can always say "no" at any time without repercussions.

Our Current Studies

Title: Supplementation and cognition

The University of Arkansas Exercise Science Research Center is seeking healthy participants between the ages of 18-39 to participate in a research study evaluating the acute effects of a common pre-workout ingredient on various cognitive tasks.

Requirements for participation include:

  • Males and females who can read and understand English
  • No pre-workout or creatine use for at least 6 months
  • No disabling vision loss, history of substance abuse, learning disability, neurological illness or psychiatric illness

All participants will also receive a free body fat analysis, cognitive test results and $30 compensation

For more information, contact the Research Center,