Fitness for Fun

This community-based fitness program is designed to assist individuals in developing healthier lifestyles through education and a structured exercise routine. Although the program is designed for the adult exerciser, student trainers are well-prepared for exercisers of different ages and backgrounds. Participants receive a comprehensive fitness assessment, a personalized exercise prescription and a semester of personal training. Follow-up assessments at the program's conclusion allow participants to chart their progress and develop future exercise strategies to fit their areas of interest. Signing up is easy.

This video introduces the Fitness for Fun program in under two minutes. To see it full-screen, view it on YouTube.

Pre and Post Fitness Assessment

  • Submaximal Graded Exercise Test
  • Resting and Exercise EKG
  • Body Composition
  • Blood Analysis
  • Strength and Flexibility Tests

Program Features

  • A semester of personal training-1 hour sessions, 3 sessions per week
  • Access to UREC Facilities (1 semester)*
  • Final comprehensive exercise program

Program Costs Per Semester


  • Full-time University of Arkansas students - $215
  • Faculty/staff/community member - $235*


  • Full-time University of Arkansas students - $160
  • Faculty/staff/community member - $160

For more information email

To enroll, please fill out the Fitness for Fun form.

*Faculty/Staff/community members will have access to all features of UREC which include HPER and Union workout facilities. However, the use of Group Fitness programming through UREC costs an additional $40 per semester (or $3 per day of use).