The Exercise Science Research Center houses the research of the Exercise Science faculty.

Current Research Interests

  • Factors that increase concussion risk in youth and college-age athletes -- Office of Sport Concussion, Robert Elbin, Ph.D. 
  • Influence of occupational work on spinal injuries, assess people's posture, sitting or standing, muscle activity, and movement -- Kaitlin Gallagher, Ph.D. 
  • Effect of obesity on physiology; investigating the mechanisms by which cardiovascular and thermoregulatory responses may be altered in healthy and patient populations; hydration assessment techniques -- Matthew Ganio, Ph.D. 
  • High-intensity resistance training vs. power training in older adults; effects of exercise training on functional fitness of older adults -- Office for Studies on Aging, Michelle Gray, Ph.D. 
  • Therapeutic effects of exercise and lifestyle activity on skeletal muscle metabolic impairments -- Integrative Muscle Metabolism Laboratory, Nicholas Green, Ph.D. 
  • Promotion and measurement of physical activity in children -- Erin Howie, Ph.D. 
  • Study the mechanisms by which water intake affects health and performance; hydration, thermoregulation and exercise; hydration education; mild hypohydration -- Hydration Science Laboratory, Stavros Kavouras, Ph.D. 
  • Impact of exercise in heat, exertional heat stress and dehydration; prevention and treatment of exertional heat illness (heat cramps to heat stroke); preventing sudden death in sport -- Brendan McDermott, Ph.D. 
  • Employs molecular biology techniques to examine skeletal muscle plasticity and cellular signaling involved during skeletal muscle growth, atrophy and regeneration -- Tyrone Washington, Ph.D. 

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