Be a Research Participant

Thank you for your interest in our research. We have several research studies that are ongoing. If there is a specific study you are interested in, please sign up using this form. If you are generally interested in any of our studies, please fill out the attached form and we will contact you when you qualify for one of our studies. 

Filling out this form, just means you are expressing interest. It does not mean you have to sign up for the study. You can always say "no" at any time without repercussions. 

*The information you provide is kept confidential to the extend allowed by the law. We DO NOT SHARE your data with anyone outside of our research. The information you provide is only used for research purposes and nothing else.



Details of the studies listed above:

Cycling Study (JD Adams)

Tendo Validation Study (Matt Stone)

L-Theanine Study (Matt Stone)

Aging Study (Ashley Binns)

Standing Walk Break (Gallagher)

Nutrition & Exercise Study (Ashley Binns)

Female IUD Study (Brooke Bouza)